Sims 3 is the third iteration of Electronic Art’s life Sim series. The premise is simple: players can create their own simulated people and control them as they interact with computer controlled counterparts. The advanced AI allows for an incredible amount if interaction with the simulated world and computer controlled Sims. There is a Sims 3 free trial on a handful of different platforms (Mac OS X, iOS, and Windows PC) and you can save money by using Sims 3 promo codes when you buy Sims 3 online.

Sims 3 Free Trial

Why The Sims is a Bestseller

The Sims 2 was an instant best seller and has only been outdone by the Sims 3. The appeal is simple: people can live a virtual life that can be as exciting, strange, or normal as a player might want. There is something innately voyeuristic about playing the Sims, and the Online Sims 3 expansion packs add to this. Sims expansion packs give new areas to explore, new Sims or types of Sims to interact with (such as pets, or partiers for the night life), and just 'stuff.' The Sims 3 stuff packs include a variety of odds and ends that simply make the world an artistically richer and more varied place. New Sims 3 content is released all the time.

Why We Like The Sims 3

As previously mentioned, there is just something innately fun about being voyeuristic. Maybe that is why we have so many 'reality' tv shows that are anything but realistic. We like the fact that we can make Sims 3 buy outrageous items for their dwellings and the fact that we can download Sims 3 PC right off the internet without having to go to the store. The same is true with Sims expansion packs such as the Sims 3 Late Night expansion pack. In fact, on a fast Internet connection it is possible to download Sims 3 Late Night in just a minute or two!

The one-two combination of satisfying our craving to watch other people do things we would not normally do (or wish we could normally do) and the convenience of the game are just unmatched. It's like having your own reality show that can be as boring and sane or outrageous and wild as you want!

Try The Sims 3 Free and Save When You Buy!

Just about anyone with a few minutes to kill should try the Sims 3 free trial.