Norton is a top antivirus software solution offered by Symantec and the latest iterations protect a PC from intrusion both pro-actively as well as passively. The combination makes Norton software a 1-2 knockout blow to intrusive software and makes it a well-known pc security software package. Symantec even offers a Norton download free of charge on a trial basis!

Special Instructions to get a free trial from Norton: Click the link below, then once the Norton page loads, click on Free Trial in the left side menu.

Norton Free Trial

Why Protecting Your PC is Important

Our PCs are our lives these days. We have everything on them from our email, to passwords used for nearly everything, to pictures and other critical documents. One virus and all of that could be destroyed and/or shipped off to who knows where! That's why Norton software is so critical in a nutshell: it keeps what is on your PC right where it belongs, virus free. Norton does this with a combination firewall/e-mail scanner as well as a more traditional virus.

What We Like About Norton

Virus protection is only as good as it is up to date, and the Norton update center keeps your PC as up to date as possible. This sure beats having to manually update or patch and is one of the reasons we love Norton. Another reason is that the optional Norton 360 support is award winning and there for you when things go south. While we never had cause to use the service, it is just nice to know that it is there for when problems do rear their ugly head.

You can also save a ton of money with a Norton promo code even if you are not buying the chart-topping Norton 360 premier edition. Saving money is nice, but nobody should put their faith in a free virus program unless it is simply a trial of a product like Norton 360.

Give Norton a Try Before You Buy

If you want to try the latest in anti virus software free of charge, you need to try Norton download free of charge. Only then can you make an informed decision as to whether or not Norton software is the right choice for you. If you do decide to buy, be sure to save by using a great Norton discount codes.