Nod32 is an antivirus scanner and antivirus removal software packaged produced by ESET. Known for its easy remote management and deployment capabilities, Nod32 packs an incredible amount of proprietary software into a tight package that system administrators and end users both rate highly. There is a Nod32 free trial and anyone purchasing Nod32 should consider using a Nod32 promo code to save money.

Nod32 Free Trial

Why Antivirus is Critical

Every PC sold today comes with an anti virus trial or anti virus software for one major reason: viruses are everywhere and they are actively seeking weaknesses in unprotected computers. Once found, viruses exploit these systems and compromise their security, performance, and may even take deep root and start launching further attacks on other PCs from an infected host. The net result can be anything from slow performance to lost or compromised data (email accounts, bank passwords, etc.) or even worse!

Why We Like Nod32

Nod32 is not only one of the best virus software packages on the market, it is so easy to use and customize that it is right for everyone from our grandfather to the office where we can make one image and deploy it with a Windows Server to several workstations. In addition, Nod32 handles anti spyware, antivirus duty, and self updates quickly and totally behind the scenes unless you want more control. The antivirus trial version is limited in its functionality, but it is still very useful for getting an idea if Nod32 is the right antivirus scanner and antispyware software package for you.

In addition, a complete Internet security antivirus suite that actively detects and repels intrusion is nice because it stops viruses before they get a chance to take root. The best virus is one you never get and have to remove, and that is why you want antivirus PC software like Nod32 that repels attacks before they can gain a digital beachhead.

Try Nod32 Before You Buy

Anyone can try the Nod32 free trial, and you can save a healthy chunk of change by doing so.