Netflix is a video streaming service that allows us to watch our favorite TV shows, movies, and more on everything from our smartphones to game consoles and even the latest TVs. All that is required is a reasonably quick internet net connection and a supported device. The best part is that before you sign up for the service, you can get a Netflix free trial!

Netflix Free Trial

Why Streaming Media Online Is Great

While people download tv shows and films illegally for free, that is an extremely risky practice when we can get most of those films and tv shows for less than $8/month! Staying entertained legally was never so cost effective! Add to this the fact that you can search by the name, actor, title, director, and more, makes Netflix a really great service whether you are looking for old movies, Tom Hanks movies, or even if you just want to watch the Harry potter movies in order. Movies and TV shows can start streaming nearly instantly (less than a second) if your device and internet connection are fast enough, which even eliminates the waiting associated with illegal downloads.

Why We Like Netflix

Let's face it, we're impatient and we are scared of being sued for more money than we are likely to ever earn without resorting to a life of Oceans 11-ish crime. Netflix offers a cost effective alternative that starts streaming media really fast and does it all legally. We used a Netflix promo code to save even more! HD quality on part with the latest blu ray movies and no disks to keep track of or take care of is just another perk. For our test we searched for a handful of content and never came up disappointed. In fact, sometimes Netflix would make some pretty keen suggestions and turn us on to new shows and that is something that we're sure that you'll like too.

Another cool feature of Netflix is the ability to resume anywhere, anytime, from exactly where you left off. Say you started to watch Smallville season 10 when you had to leave the house and one thing led to another and wouldn't you know it, a week has passed and now your spouse is watching The Law of Attraction while you pretend to sleep. Just whip out your smartphone, plug in your headset, and start streaming exactly where you left off! She'll never know and we'll never tell!

Try Netflix to See if You Like It

If you have a modern game console (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3), a PC, a Mac, a smartphone, a media streaming box, or a newer HDTV, chances are good that you have at least one device that will let you take advantage of the free Netflix trial.