GoToMeeting is a unique web meeting software and service combination developed by Citrix Online that handles remote desktop sharing. The advanced proprietary system allows for groups of clients, co-workers, colleagues, students, or others to share at least one computer desktop for the purposes of an online meeting in real-time including support for streaming audio. There is a GoToMeeting free trial as well as GoToMeeting promo codes to help organizations save money.

Gotomeeting Free Trial

Why Meeting Online is the Future, Now

For countless generations the only way to have a meeting was to…have a meeting. This entailed lengthy and expensive travel that was innately wasteful of time. The conference call phone system helped eliminate or mitigate these, but without visuals being mailed to all parties it was not as effective as an in-person solution. Meeting online completely removes all barriers to hosting a successful meeting online by combining audio and web conferencing seamlessly.

What We Like About GoToMeeting

While you might assume that GoToMeeting is hard to set up or use, just the opposite is true. We love easy to use software, especially when it is promising to save us time and money. After all, there is nothing money saving about web conference calling services if they lose us face or time with a client, partner, or even a supplier!

The web meeting software is very easy to use and does not even require a powerful PC to host or take advantage of. Even netbooks and ultraportable PCs can handle meeting online as well as older and slower (read: cost effective) PCs.

Turn Yourself Into a Believer: Try GoToMeeting

There is a GoToMeeting free trial for those that want to evaluate the service before they make any decisions.