Gamefly is an online game rental/streaming service that allows gamers to digitally rent games in much the same way that many of us now rent movies that stream live to our TV sets. The net result of this proprietary technology is that gamers can subscribe for a monthly service and game as much as they want to for far less than the price of 2 major releases per year. Smart gamers are also able to take advantage of the Gamefly free tiral and Gamefly promo codes to stretch the value even further.

Gamefly Free Trial

Why Streaming Games Makes Sense

Gamefly's unique streaming technology lets retro gamers tackle a classic frogger game and then switch to play Mario games or even Mortal Kombat games whenever they want. No getting up. No disk swapping. No expensive up-front investment in software titles. All that is required is a reasonably zippy internet connection and a little bit of free time.

Why We Like Gamefly

In an era of casual gaming nothing beats gaming as much as you want for less than $8/month! Such a pricing plan certainly takes the sting out of spending $50 or more on the latest and greatest game only to find out that it can't live up to the hype. Duke Nukem Forever, we're looking at you… Plus you can check out tons of games you might not normally have tried and discovered a new title or series that you absolutely adored but would otherwise have missed.

Another nice thing about Gamefly is the community and the resources. If you're looking for Left 4 Dead 2 cheats or Pokemon Black cheats, you can wait a week post launch and find them on some random website or find them pretty much day one on Gamefly. Did we mention that Gamefly has releases the same day that the big retail chain stores do?

Try Gamefly Before You Buy

If you are a gamer, even casual, then you should certainly do yourself a favor and check out the Gamefly free trial.