AVG is a software suite that protects a computer against intrusion and viruses both actively and passively using proprietary algorithms. The software became one of the top Windows XP antivirus packages and has grown since, yet it still offers basic protection for free and full protection at a price far lower than the competition. AVG Free Trial software allows users to test the full capabilities of AVG and anyone that decides to purchase should use an AVG promo code to save more money.

Avg Free Trial

Why PC Protection is Critical

Unprotected or under protected computers are a significant risk not only to themselves and their owners, but to the Internet at large. Clever viruses attack and then take deep root in these systems and then branch out to attack others, a process that often goes unnoticed by users at best. In many situations a modest performance loss may be observed while the worst case scenario is a computer that ceases to function or be useful while simultaneously compromising any stored information such as bank accounts, pictures, financial files, email accounts, etc.

Why We Like AVG

We took the AVG anti virus trial for a spin and found it to be very easy to use, and that is important because not everyone understands the security concepts behind an Internet security antivirus suite such as AVG. Better yet, the Internet security suite anti virus and firewall come set up very intelligently and will guide you with helpful advice. For example, if you launch a program that tries to the use the Internet AVG will tell you and ask if it is ok for this program to go online. With smart security, virus infected apps will be quickly detected and eliminated or cleaned if possible.

On top of being very good at getting rid of viruses, AVG also allows users to clean out spyware. The company updates its databases for virus and spyware online around the clock, so the latest information is there to keep your computer clean!

Try AVG Before You Buy

Our best advice is to take the AVG Free Trial and see what you think.