Audible is a unique service that allows users to download Audiobooks to Windows & Mac PCs as well as iOS and Android devices. The company is part of Amazon’s overall product lineup and includes streaming technology and a handy bookmark feature as well as a wide catalog to choose from. Users of Audible consumer credits for audiobook downloads with subscriber discounts for those that want to use the subscription plan, but there is a useful Audible free trial as well an Audible promo code to save money. It is also worth noting that a number of political speeches and other government hearings are available via Audiobooks.

Audible Free Trial

Why Audiobooks in an eFormat is the Future

Audiobooks have been around for a very long time, and they are great in their own right. The biggest problem is that of portability. With smartphones now combining digital media and powerful CPUs with bright displays, it looks like the day of the portal CD player are numbered and Audible was the first company to jump to that conclusion in a big way. Now users can enjoy listening to audiobooks at their desktop, on their laptop, or anywhere where they have a smartphone or tablet, and bookmarks keep everything synched. Users just select the audiobook download for the title they want and voila; all devices with Audible software signed into that account are synched from then on.

Why Audible Rocks

Audible has a great selection. Looks for Geronimo Stilton books? Audible has them. Looking for Jan Karon? Done. Want the latest on Sookie Stackhouse books? The latest study guide for your local university course…probably on Audible. The fact that Amazon owns Audible makes complete sense and it is hard to imagine why the other major book etail/retail outlets didn't think of this first.

Add to this the amazing simplicity of the bookmarking system that lets you start reading on your smartphone or tablet then switch to your PC when you get home/to the office, and Audible is such a clear winner that nobody has really risen to challenge them in a serious way. Simply put, that slick synching technology that lets you never lose track of your latest audiobook download is nothing short of amazing!

Try Audible Before You Fall in Love With Audible

If you have been meaning to catch up on some reading but just never find the time, give Audible a try. With a no-risk Audible free trial, you have nothing to lose and countless worlds of enlightenment and entertainment to gain. If you decide that Audible is for you, save money with one of these great Audible free trials